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Case Report

Anat Cell Biol 2016; 49(3): 217-220

Published online September 1, 2016


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Bilateral elongated mandibular coronoid process in an Anatolian skull

1Government of Health, 112 Emergency Service, Medical Practitioner, Samsun, Turkey.
2Department of Anatomy, Medical Faculty, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Samsun, Turkey.
3Government of Health, Hospital of Education and Investigation, Emergency Clinics, Samsun, Turkey.

Correspondence to: Cem Kopuz. Department of Anatomy, Medical Faculty, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Körfez Mah. Atatürk Bulv. NO. 112, Samsun 55139, Turkey. Tel: +90-362-4370866, Fax: +90-362-5810799, Email: drkopuz@gmail.com

Received: February 25, 2016; Revised: August 2, 2016; Accepted: August 17, 2016


Elongation or hyperplasia of coronoid process of mandible is rare condition characterized by abnormal bone development which cause malocclusion and the limited mouth opening. In this study, in an Anatolian skull, a case of bilateral elongation of mandibular coronoid process was presented. Levandoski panographic analysis was performed on the panoramic radiographie to determine the hyperplasia of the coronoid process. The right condylar process was exactly hyperplastic. The measurements of Kr-Go/Cd-Go were 95.10 mm/79.03 mm on right side and 97.53 mm/87.80 mm on left side. The ratio of Kr-Go/Cd-Go on the right side was 1.20. Elongated coronoid process is one of the factors cause mandibular hypomobility, it as reported here might lead to limited mouth opening. The knowledge of this variation or abnormality can be useful for the radiologist and surgeons and prevent misdiagnosis.

Keywords: Mandible, Elongated coronoid process, Panoramic radiograph, Embryology, Coronoid process hyperplasia

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