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Table. 1.

Morphometric measurements related to the digastric muscle

Sl. no. Morphometric measurements Male (cm) Female (cm)
1 Length of the anterior belly of digastric (from the digastric fossa of the mandible to its intermediate tendon, i.e., as soon as the muscle becomes tendon) 5.04±0.87 4.65±0.69*
2 Length of the posterior belly of digastric (from the intermediate tendon to mastoid notch attachment) 3.11±0.93 3.56±0.90
3 Length of the Intermediate tendon (the point as soon as the anterior muscle belly becomes tendon and as soon as the tendon ends and posterior belly begins) 3.57±0.82 3.74±0.62*
4 Distance between the symphysis menti and hyoid bone 4.38±0.71 4.33±0.82
5 Distance between the hyoid bone and the mastoid process 8.47±1.42 7.91±0.93
6 Distance between the symphysis menti and the mastoid process 7.26±1.64 7.32±1.33

Values are presented as mean±SD.


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