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Fig. 7.
Fig. 7. Immunohistochemical staining with α-SMA of (A, B) control group, most of the hepatocytes show negative reaction except few with mild cytoplasmic immune reaction. (C, D) CCL4 group, most hepatocytes have an intense immune reaction in hepatocytes and in-between hepatic lobules. (E, F) SeNPs group, shows a minimal immune reaction in vascular walls (arrows) and very mild reaction in between hepatic lobules. (G, H) DFE group, show mild to a moderate immune reaction in between hepatic lobules and among the hepatocytes (arrows). (I) Statistical analysis of the percentage of α-SMA positive reactions shows *significant difference against the control group. #Represents a significant difference against the CCL4 group. α-SMA, α-smooth muscle actin; CCL4, carbon tetrachloride; SeNPs, selenium-nanoparticles; DFE, dates flesh extract.
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