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Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. Micrographs of rat’s ovaries immuno-histochemicaly stained with PCNA. PCNA-positive nuclei are localized in brown (A–D). (A) Control group, (B) SOF-treated group, SOF illustrates significant reduction in the PCNA-positive cells in comparison to the control group, (C) Vit E-treated group, and (D) the SOF+Vit E treated group, where PCNA-positive cells increased compared to the SOF group. (E) Histogram illustrates the quantitative analysis of the intensity of PCNA stained areas in different experimental groups. The SOF-treated group demonstrates a statistically significant reduction compared to the control group, ****P<0.00001. The SOF+Vit E co-treatment significantly reduces the PCNA immuno-staining in comparison with the SOF treated group, ####P<0.00001 (Bar=20 μm). PCNA, proliferation cell nuclear antigen; SOF, Sofosbuvir; Vit E, vitamin E.
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