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Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. Histograms showing the mean ovarian tissue oxidative stress markers (NO, MDA, SOD, GSH, and CAT). (A, B) Levels of NO and MDA in different experimental groups were demonstrated. The SOF-treated group shows a significant upregulation in the level of NO and MDA compared to the control group, ****P<0.00001. The oxidative stress markers’ levels are reversed considerably in the SOF+Vit E-treated group compared to the SOF group, ###P<0.0001, ####P<0.00001. (C–E) The ovarian tissue CAT, SOD, and GSH levels in different experimental groups. The SOF-treated group demonstrates a significant downregulation in CAT, SOD, and GSH levels compared to the control group, ***P<0.0001, ****P<0.00001. The oxidative stress markers are considerably altered in the SOF+Vit E co-treated group compared to SOF group, #P<0.01 and ###P<0.0001. One-way ANOVA was used to compare between all the groups, unpaired t-test was used to compare each group with the control, and the SOF+Vit E co-treated with SOF group. NO, nitric oxide; MDA, malondialdehyde; SOD, super oxide dismutase; GSH, reduced glutathione; CAT, catalase; SOF, Sofosbuvir; Vit E, vitamin E. *P<0.01 and **P<0.001.
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