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Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. A thin artery running along the umbilical artery (UA) in the umbilical cord in sagittal sections of a fetus with a crown-rump length of 59 mm. Goldner-Masson trichrome staining. (A) Shows the most medial plane and (G) shows the most lateral plane. Panels (B), (D), and (F) are higher magnification views of the rectangles in (A), (C), and (E), respectively. The thin artery originates from the inferior epigastric artery in the upper rim of the umbilicus (A), and its 3 mm course is traceable along the upper margin of the wall of the UA (C, E). This artery is clearly outside the UA (F). (G) Shows veins that accompanied the UA, which does not reach the umbilicus. (A, C, E, G) Scale bars=1 mm; (B, D, F) scale bars=0.1 mm. RA, rectus abdominis; UB, urinary bladder; OV, ovary.
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