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Fig. 4.
Fig. 4. Normal genital morphology at the final phase of vaginal descent in a fetus with CRL of 61 mm (sagittal sections near the midsagittal plane). (A) is the most lateral plane and (D) is the most medial plane. (E–G) are higher magnification views of the squares in (A–C), respectively. (B and C) show that the future vestibule of the vagina has a deep, gulf-like appearance. (F and G) show that the vaginal lumen is closed, and has a thick line-like appearance before recanalization. (F and G) (arrows) show the distal end of the vagina merges with the urethra near the external urethral orifice, and the vaginal descent was not yet complete. (E) shows that a longitudinal septum (star) was present in the vestibule. (E and F) show that the urethral rhabdosphincter (surrounded by the dotted line) extended inferiorly or distally along the anterior aspect of the vestibule. (C and D) show a large glans of the clitoris at the distal end of the thick CC. (A–D) were at the same magnification and (E and F) were at the same magnification. Scale bars: (A–G) 1 mm. CRL, crown-rump length; CC, corpus cavernosum.
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