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Table. 4.

Changes in time taken to cross the beam during the beam walking test in the different experimental groups (n=6)

Group Training (sec) T1 (sec) T2 (sec)
2 ml/kg bw of H2O 9.53±1.13 7.72±0.88 4.07±0.48
200 mg/kg bw of AlCl3 9.60±1.35 7.83±0.78 7.32±0.34a)
200 mg/kg bw of AlCl3+400 mg/kg bw EATI 10.71±0.82 6.90±1.14 4.77±0.53
200 mg/kg bw of AlCl3+800 mg/kg bw EATI 12.70±2.69 5.99±0.77 4.55±0.49
200 mg/kg bw of AlCl3+300 mg/kg bw of vitamin E 10.89±1.20 7.78±0.85 4.18±0.68

Values are presented as mean±SEM. T1, first test; T2, second test; EATI, ethyl acetate leaf fraction of Tamarindus indica. a)Significance difference (P<0.05) compared to the control.

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