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Fig. 2.
Fig. 2. Photmicrograph of the cerebellar cortex on post-natal day 21 from the treatment groups (H&E, ×400). Negative control (distilled water) (A), positive 8 control (200 mg/kg bw of AlCl3) (B), 200 mg/kg bw of AlCl3+400 mg/kg bw ethyl acetate leaf fraction of Tamarindus indica (EATI) (C), 200 mg/kg bw of AlCl3+800 mg/kg bw EATI (D), and 200 mg/kg bw of AlCl3+300 mg/kg bw of vitamin E (E). Red arrow indicates degenerating cells. GL, granular layer; ML: molecular layer; PCL, Purkinje cell 10 layer; PC, Purkinje cell.
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