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Table. 5.

Stepwise multiple regression of stature estimation model for males, females, and combined samples

Sample Model R R2 SEE (cm)
Total 1 S=80.151+0.483 (CMM)+0.441 (CSWS1) 0.740 0.543 6.431
Total 2 S=79.412+0.342 (CMM)+0.506 (CSWS1)+0.794 (ICL34) 0.761 0.573 6.222
Male S=122.685+0.182 (CMM)+0.592 (ICL34) 0.458 0.195 6.134
Female S=130.676+0.005 (SA) 0.460 0.204 5.370

CMM, combined length of manubrium and mesosternum; CSWS1, corpus sterni width at first sternebra; ICL34, intercostal length between 3rd rib and 4th rib; SA, sternal area; R, correlation coefficient; R2, coefficient of determination; SEE, standard error of estimation.

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