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Fig. 4.
Fig. 4. Masson’s trichrome staining. (A, B) On day 3, only mesenteric decellularized tissue was evident (magnification: A, ×100 and B, ×200). (C, D) Cell proliferation in blastema tissue, especially in the peripheral areas on day 10 of the cell culture (magnification: C, ×100 and D, ×200). (E, F) On day 15, the polar structures of cells are detectable at the point of the interaction between blastema tissue and the mesenteric matrix (magnification: E, ×200 and F, ×400). (G, H) Blastema cells are observed along with the mesenteric matrix with vascular-like structures on day 21 (magnification: G, ×200 and H, ×400). Arrows blastema cells’ attachment and penetration in the marginal zone of the extracellular matrix scaffold since the 10th day after culture.
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