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Fig. 7.
Fig. 7. The 30-minute and 24-hour nisin treatment both decrease proximity of cytokeratin (CK) 5 and desmoglein (DSG) 3 or CK17 and DSG3 or actin and E-cadherin (E-cad). (A) Maximum intensity projection images consist of stacked confocal microscopy images along the z-axis. When cytoskeleton and cell junction proteins exist proximately, red circular spots are observed. Arrows mean proximity point of indicated cell junction protein and indicated cytoskeleton protein. a)Non-specific fluorescence from cell debris. Scale bar=20 μm. (B) Q uantitative analyses of the proximity ligation assay images. The line within the box plot represents the median value. When proximity index of the image is 100, it means that the number of red circular spots is the same as the average spots in the control images. Values expressed as the mean±SD (n>15). *P<0.05 versus control.
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