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Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. An electron micrograph of a section in control and melatonin rat medulla oblongata aged 7 days shows motor neurons having rounded euchromatic N with regular nuclear membranes (arrow) and prominent Nu. The homogenous cytoplasm contains normal m and rough endoplasmic R. Myelinated f with preserved myelin sheath are also observed. CYP treated group of the same age displays an irregular N surrounded by an indented nuclear membrane (arrows). The cytoplasm contains dilated cisternae of rER (R) and dilated m with destructed cristae (m). Few myelinated f could be detected. CYP/melatonin treated group shows an apparently normal nerve cell with a regular N but the N still shows heterochromatin. The cytoplasm contains normal more or less normal RER (R) and m. However, a small area of V could be still detected in the cytoplasm. A section of the control and melatonin group aged 21 days shows a large neuron with a large N, the chromatin inside the N is euchromatin mainly and less amount of heterochromatin. The cytoplasm of the neuron contains large m, G, and multiple free ribosomes (arrow). The neuron is surrounded by many myelinated axons (f). CYP treated group of the same age displays markedly affected neurons. The N is shrunken, darkly electron-dense, and irregular in shape with indentation of its nuclear membrane (arrows). Many dispersed irregularly shaped chromatin aggregates are demonstrated throughout the N. The cell has an irregular outline with a shrinkage cytoplasm containing multiple ballooned m with disrupted cristae and dilated rER (R) and G. Medulla oblongata sections of CYP/melatonin treated group of the same age exhibit a euchromatic N, fine dispersed chromatin, and prominent n. More or less normal rER (R) and myelinated axons (f) could be detected. However, mild irregular N (arrow) and ballooned m are still detected (transmission electron microscope, ×17,500, Scale bar=1 μm). CYP, cypermethrin; f, fibers; G, Golgi apparatus; m, mitochondria; N, nucleus; n, nucleolus; Nu, nucleoli; PND, postnatal day; R, reticulum; V, vacuolation.
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