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Fig. 4.
Fig. 4. Photomicrograph of PAS stained sections in gastric mucosa (×400) showing: (A) Control group: continuous strong PAS+ve reaction in the surface and neck region of the gastric glands. (B) CRS: mucosal abrasion with alternating absent to few PAS+ve reaction. (C) Ran+CRS: continuous strong PAS+ve reaction. (D) Sim+CRS: preserved PAS+ve reaction. (E) Neb+CRS: preserved PAS+ve reaction. (F) Sim+Neb+CRS: marked increase in the mucosal PAS+ve reaction. CRS, cold restraint stress; Neb, nebivolol; PAS, periodic acid Schiff’s; Ran, ranitidine; Sim, simvastatin. Scale bars=20 µm (A–F).
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