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March, 2023, Vol.56 No 1


< PreviousNext >Anat Cell Biol 2023; 56(1): 1~159
  • Anatomy acts concerning body and organ donations across the globe: past, present and future with a special emphasis on the indian scenario

    Keywords : Acts, Cadaveric donation, Cadaver, Coroners and medical examiners, Medical examiners
  • Boophone disticha attenuates five day repeated forced swim-induced stress and adult hippocampal neurogenesis impairment in male Balb/c mice

    Keywords : Depression, Antidepressant agents, Hippocampus, Corticosterone, Fluoxetine
  • Convolutional neural network of age-related trends digital radiographs of medial clavicle in a Thai population: a preliminary study

    Keywords : Clavicle, Age estimation, Radiography, Convolutional neural network
  • Genetic heterogeneity of liver cancer stem cells

    Keywords : Genetic heterogeneity, Cancer stem cell, Liver cancer
  • The ameliorating role of sofosbuvir and daclatasvir on thioacetamide-induced kidney injury in adult albino rats

    Keywords : Hepatitis C, Antiviral agents, Nephropathy, TNF-alpha, Kidney function
  • Silymarin attenuates escitalopram (cipralex) induced pancreatic injury in adult male albino rats: a biochemical, histological, and immunohistochemical approach

    Keywords : Cipralex, Silymarin, Inducible nitric oxide synthase, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha, Proliferating cell nuclear antigen
  • Concomitant variations of the tibialis anterior, and extensor hallucis longus, and extensor hallucis brevis muscles

    Keywords : Leg, Anatomy, Cadaver, Foot
  • Multiple renal veins clogging the hilum of the right kidney

    Keywords : Renal vein, Renal artery, Abdomen, Inferior vena cava, Acute renal injuries
  • Untrapped: bilateral hypoplasia of the trapezius muscle

    Keywords : Anatomy, Poland syndrome, Cranial nerve
  • An accessory muscle of flexor digitorum profundus with bipennate first lumbrical: a unique variation of clinical significance

    Keywords : Accessory muscle; Bipennate; Forearm; Gantzer muscles; Lumbricals