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December, 2023, Vol.56 No 4


< PreviousNext >Anat Cell Biol 2023; 56(4): 409~587
  • Botulinum neurotoxin injection for treating plunged nose and post-rhinoplasty: anatomical perspectives of depressor septi nasi, nasalis, leveator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle

    Keywords : Nasalis, Levator labii superioris alaque nasi, Depressor septi nasi, Botulinum neurotoxin, Plunged nose
  • Anatomical variations of the tibial nerve and their clinical correlation

    Keywords : Tibial nerve, Anatomy, Polyneuropathies
  • Analyzing the factors that contribute to the development of embryological classical type of bladder exstrophy

    Keywords : Congenital abnormalities, Bladder exstrophy, Fetal anomalies, Urogenital system, Reproductive health
  • Morphological and morphometric study of pulmonary vein anatomy in relation to cardiac invasive and electrophysiological procedures

    Keywords : Pulmonary veins, Atrial fibrillation, Left atrium, Radiofrequency catheter ablation
  • Trabeculae in the basilar venous plexus: anatomical and histological study with application to intravascular procedures

    Keywords : Plexus, Intravascular procedures, Sinus, Anatomy, Clivus
  • A clinical perspective on the anatomical study of digastric muscle

    Keywords : Digastric muscle, Anterior belly, Posterior belly, Morphometry, Variation
  • Variations of azygos vein: a cadaveric study with clinical relevance

    Keywords : Azygos vein, Aneurysm, Embryology, Mediastinum
  • The use of precontoured plates for midshaft clavicle fractures is not always the best course of treatment

    Keywords : Clavicle, Bone plate, Fracture malunion, Fracture fixation, Orthopedic procedures
  • Histology and immunohistochemistry of the human carotid sinus nerve

    Keywords : Carotid sinus nerve, Histology, Immunohistochemistry, Nerve stimulation, Anatomy
  • Magnetic resonance angiography in assessment of anomalies of anterior cerebral artery in adults

    Keywords : Anomalies, Anterior cerebral artery, Magnetic resonance angiography, Adults