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  • Tumor associated mast cells: biological roles and therapeutic applications

    Keywords : Mast cell activation, Development, Proliferation, Migration, Survival
  • An anatomical study on locations of the mandibular foramen and the accessory mandibular foramen in the mandible and their clinical implication in a Thai population

    Keywords : Mandibular foramen, Inferior alveolar nerve block
  • Incidence of hypoplastic posterior communicating artery and fetal posterior cerebral artery in Andhra population of India: a retrospective 3-Tesla magnetic resonance angiographic study

    Keywords : Posterior communicating artery, Hypoplastic, Posterior cerebral artery, Circle of Willis, Cerebral artery
  • Histological assessment of the human heart valves and its relationship with age

    Keywords : Age, Heart valves, Histology
  • Variation in the vertebral levels of the origins of the abdominal aorta branches: a retrospective imaging study

    Keywords : Abdominal aorta, Anatomy, Anatomic variation, Anatomic landmarks, Computed tomography angiography
  • Direct drainage of the basal vein of Rosenthal into the superior petrosal sinus: a literature review

    Keywords : Basal vein of Rosenthal, Basal vein, Superior petrosal sinus, Tentorial sinus
  • Morphometric analysis of vastus medialis oblique muscle and its influence on anterior knee pain

    Keywords : Vastus medialis, Measures, Anterior knee pain
  • New insights in anterior cruciate ligament morphology: implications for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgeries

    Keywords : Anterior cruciate ligament, Mechanics, Knee joint, Osteoarthritis
  • Camillo Golgi (1843-1926): scientist extraordinaire and pioneer figure of modern neurology

    Keywords : Golgi, Black reaction, Cajal, Neurology, Neuron doctrine, Nobel prize
  • Role of cerebrospinal fluid in differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells into neuron-like cells

    Keywords : Human dental pulp stem cells, Cerebrospinal fluid, Cell transdifferentiation, Alzheimer