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Current Issue

December, 2022, Vol.55 No 4

  • Congenital malformations in the vertebral column: associations and possible embryologic origins

    Keywords : Embryology, Physical anthropology, Vertebra, Congenital, Somites
  • Variant pectoralis minor muscle: a case study with clinical relevance

    Keywords : Pectoralis minor, Variation, Origin, Insertion, Aponeurosis
  • Reappraisal of arterial anatomy of thumb

    Keywords : Thumb, Radial artery, Anatomy, Ulnar artery
  • Nasal septal anatomical variations among Saudi population and their possible coincidence with sinusitis: a computed tomography scan study

    Keywords : Nasal septal variation, Saudi population, Sinusitis, Computed tomography
  • Geometric morphometric analysis of mandibular symphysis in Class III skeletal base

    Keywords : Geometric morphometric, Mandibular symphysis, Class III, Gonial angle, Shape
  • The impact of age on the morphology of the 12th thoracic vertebral endplates

    Keywords : Aging effects, 12th thoracic vertebra, Vertebral endplate morphology, Generalized additive models, Age-at-death estimation
  • Student Team Achievement Division as a tool for peer assisted co-operative learning in neuroanatomy

    Keywords : Student Teams Achievement Division, Peer assisted learning, Co-operative learning
  • The comparison of decrease in mice mass preserved with formalin 4% and neutralize with sodium bicarbonate

    Keywords : Fixative, Mice, Formaldehyde, Sodium bicarbonate
  • Umbilical cord vessels other than the umbilical arteries and vein: a histological study of midterm human fetuses

    Keywords : Umbilical cord, Umbilical arteries and vein, Para-umbilical vein, Inferior epigastric artery, Lymphatic vessels
  • Distal vaginal atresia: a report of a rare type found a late-term fetus and its histological comparison with the normal pelvis

    Keywords : Imperforate hymen, Genital tubercle, Cloacal membrane, Corpus cavernosum of the clitoris, Anomaly
  • Morphological, ultrastructural, and biochemical changes induced by sodium fluoride in the tongue of adult male albino rat and the ameliorative effect of resveratrol

    Keywords : Sodium flouride, Resveratrol, Tongue, Rat, Electron microscopy
  • Variant muscle fibers connecting the orbicularis oculi to the orbicularis oris: case report

    Keywords : Orbicularis oculi, Orbicularis oris, Connecting fibers, Anatomical variations, Cadaver
  • Terminal bifurcation of the external jugular vein: a rare variation

    Keywords : Jugular vein, Venous, Subclavian vein, Phlebography
  • Missing medial tarsal artery replaced by the anterior medial malleolar artery

    Keywords : Medial tarsal artery, Anterior medial malleolar artery, Dorsalis pedis artery
  • Revisiting diaphragmatic hernia of Joseon period Korean mummy by three-dimensional liver and heart segmentation and model reconstruction

    Keywords : Computed tomography, Congenital diaphragmatic hernia, Image reconstruction, Korea, Joseon dynasty
  • A portrait drawing of the 17th century Korean scholar based on craniofacial reconstruction

    Keywords : Craniofacial reconstruction, Mummies, Korea, Portrait, Joseon period
  • Variations in the origin of the anterior spinal artery in a Colombian population sample

    Keywords : Anatomy, Blood vessels, Neuroanatomy, Spinal cord
  • Prevalence and clinical relevance of the anatomical variations of suprarenal arteries: a review

    Keywords :