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Current Issue

September, 2022, Vol.55 No 3

  • Anatomical variations of the hepatic artery in it’s extra hepatic journey: a cadaveric study with its clinical implications

    Keywords : Hepatic artery, Accessory right hepatic artery, Replaced common hepatic artery, Accessory left hepatic artery, Arc of Buhler
  • Computed tomographic assessment of the lacrimal sac fossa in southwest population of Iran

    Keywords : Lacrimal sac fossa, Lacrimal bone, Maxillary bone, Dacryocystorhinostomy
  • Study of course and termination of brachial artery by dissection and computed tomography angiography methods with clinical importance

    Keywords : Brachial artery, Superficial brachial artery, Superficial brachio-ulnar artery, Brachioradial artery, Tortuosity
  • Distribution of frontal sinus pattern amongst Malaysian population: a skull radiograph study

    Keywords : Forensic anthropology, Frontal sinus, Malaysian, Radiograph
  • Quantification and comparison of tenocyte distribution and collagen content in the commonly used autografts for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

    Keywords : Autografts, Tenocytes, Collagen, Tendons, Anterior cruciate ligament
  • Effect of caffeine on genes expressions of developing retinas in the chick model

    Keywords : Caffeine, Chick embryo, Retina, Epithelium, Retinal ganglion cells
  • Tamarindus indica ameliorates behavioral and cytoarchitectural changes in the cerebellar cortex following prenatal aluminum chloride exposure in Wistar rats

    Keywords : Tamarindus indica, Glial fibrillary protein, Motor cordination, Aluminum exposure
  • Regions of the human renal artery: histomorphometric analysis

    Keywords : Renal artery, Morphometry, Immunohistochemistry, Smooth muscle, Extracellular matrix
  • Comparative Histological Study on the Effect of Tramadol Abuse on the Testis of Juvenile and Adult Male Albino Mice

    Keywords : Testis, Tramadol, Juvenile, Adult and apoptosis
  • Topographical relationships of the yolk sac remnant and vitelline vessels with the midgut loop in the extra-embryonic coelom of human embryos

    Keywords : Yolk sac, Vitelline duct, Midgut loop, Hernia, Superior mesenteric vein
  • Anatomy teaching in Saudi medical colleges- is there necessity of the national core syllabus of anatomy

    Keywords : Anatomy, Curriculum, Teaching, Dissection, Medicine
  • A giant foramen of Vesalius: case report

    Keywords : Anatomy, Cadaver, Anatomical variations, Foramen of Vesalius
  • A rare additional lobe of cerebellum, projecting from its superior surface

    Keywords : Cerebellar, Brain, Coordination, Variation, Ataxia
  • A large sublingual glandular branch of the lingual nerve: a rare case report

    Keywords : Glandular branch, Lingual nerve, Sublingual gland, Herniation
  • Cadaveric findings of a duplicated superior petrosal sinus

    Keywords : Skull base, Surgery, Anatomy, Variation, Cadaver
  • A case report of an accessory flexor digitorum profundus indicis contributing the first lumbrical

    Keywords : Muscles, Orthopedics, Forearm, Hand
  • Multiple venous variations at the abdominopelvic region: a case report

    Keywords : Iliac vein, Iliac artery, Inferior vena cava, Blood vessel, May-Thurner syndrome