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Current Issue

March, 2021, Vol.54 No 1

  • Morphometric analysis of vastus medialis oblique muscle and its influence on anterior knee pain

    Keywords : Vastus medialis, Measures, Anterior knee pain
  • Defining the popliteal fossa by bony landmarks and mapping of the courses of the neurovascular structures for application in popliteal fossa surgery

    Keywords : Knee, Tibial nerve, Popliteal artery, Anatomy
  • Assessment of thickness of in vivo autograft tendons around the knee and its correlation with anthropometric data, thickness of patella and anterior cruciate ligament tibial foot print diameter

    Keywords : Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, Magnetic resonance imaging, Patellar ligament, Hamstring tendons, Arthroscopy
  • A comparison, using X-ray micro-computed tomography, of the architecture of cancellous bone from the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine using 240 vertebral bodies from 10 body donors

    Keywords : Osteoporosis, Aging, X-ray microtomography, Spine
  • Cadaveric anatomy of the lumbar triangular safe zone of Kambin’s in North West Indian population

    Keywords : Intervertebral space, Kambin’s triangle, Size of cannula, Transforaminal approach
  • Morphometric study of fossa ovale in human cadaveric hearts: embryological and clinical relevance

    Keywords : Atrial septal defect, Cadaver, Foramen ovale, Heart, Patent foramen ovale
  • Scapular length estimation from anatomical landmarks: an osteometry and radiographic evaluation using regression equations

    Keywords : Scapular length, Osteometry, Radiographic evaluation, Regression equations
  • Body donation trends in Yonsei University: a statistical analysis of donor records

    Keywords : Body donation, Trend, Yonsei University, Donors’ records, Statistics
  • Fetal cervical zygapophysial joint with special reference to the associated synovial tissue: a histological study using near-term human fetuses

    Keywords : Zygapophysial joint, Ligament, Neck, Human, Fetus
  • Expression of neurotrophic factor genes by human adipose stem cells post-induction by deprenyl

    Keywords : Human adipose tissue derived stem cells, Deprenyl, Neurotrophins, Polymerase chain reaction
  • JEG-3 placental cells in toxicology studies: a promising tool to reveal pregnancy disorders

    Keywords : Placenta, Toxicology, In vitro, Apoptosis, Hormones
  • Ameliorative effects of curcumin and caffeic acid against short term exposure of waterpipe tobacco smoking on lung, heart and kidney in mice

    Keywords : Antioxidants, Biochemical parameters, Histopathology, Hookah, Proinflammatory cytokines
  • Anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects of hull-less pumpkin extract on human papillary thyroid carcinoma cell line

    Keywords : Thyroid neoplasms, Paclitaxel, Cell proliferation, Herbal medicine
  • Nicotine impact on rat substantia nigra compacta

    Keywords : Nicotine, Substantia nigra, Immunohistochemistry
  • The ascending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral artery penetrating the posterior division of the femoral nerve

    Keywords : Femoral nerve, Intraneural vessel, Lateral circumflex femoral artery, Anatomic variation
  • Chiari 1.5 malformation, accessory odontoid synchondrosis, and ventral compression: case report

    Keywords : Dens, Odontoid process, Anatomy, Chiari malformations, Odontoid synchondroses
  • Novel bilateral bifurcation of the coronary vasculature

    Keywords : Anatomy; Coronary vessels; Variation; Embryology