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Current Issue

September, 2020, Vol.53 No 3

  • Tumor associated mast cells: biological roles and therapeutic applications

    Keywords : Mast cell activation, Development, Proliferation, Migration, Survival
  • An anatomical study on locations of the mandibular foramen and the accessory mandibular foramen in the mandible and their clinical implication in a Thai population

    Keywords : Mandibular foramen, Inferior alveolar nerve block
  • Histological assessment of the human heart valves and its relationship with age

    Keywords : Age, Heart valves, Histology
  • Incidence of hypoplastic posterior communicating artery and fetal posterior cerebral artery in Andhra population of India: a retrospective 3-Tesla magnetic resonance angiographic study

    Keywords : Posterior communicating artery, Hypoplastic, Posterior cerebral artery, Circle of Willis, Cerebral artery
  • Variation in the vertebral levels of the origins of the abdominal aorta branches: a retrospective imaging study

    Keywords : Abdominal aorta, Anatomy, Anatomic variation, Anatomic landmarks, Computed tomography angiography
  • The estimation of age from elastic fibers in the tunica media of the aortic wall in a thai population: a preliminary study using aorta image analysis

    Keywords : Aorta, Elastic fibers, Age estimation, Image analysis, Tunica media
  • Role of cerebrospinal fluid in differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells into neuron-like cells

    Keywords : Human dental pulp stem cells, Cerebrospinal fluid, Cell transdifferentiation, Alzheimer
  • Gastroprotective effects of nebivolol and simvastatin against cold restraint stress-induced gastric ulcer in rats

    Keywords : Gastric ulcer, Cold restraint stress, Ranitidine, Nebivolol, Simvastatin
  • Grape seed extract inhibits nucleus pulposus cell apoptosis and attenuates annular puncture induced intervertebral disc degeneration in rabbit model

    Keywords : Disc degeneration, Grape seed extract, Apoptosis, Gene expression, Histology
  • Re-evaluation of the distribution of Meissner’s corpuscles in human skin

    Keywords : Mechanoreceptors, Distribution, Skin, Two-point discrimination
  • Effect of caffeinated energy drinks on the structure of hippocampal cornu ammonis 1 and dentate gyrus of adult male albino rats

    Keywords : Energy drinks, Hippocampus, Cornu ammonis, Dentate gyrus, Energy drinks
  • Inhibitory potentials of Cymbopogon citratus oil against aluminium-induced behavioral deficits and neuropathology in rats

    Keywords : Cerebellum, Cymbopogon, Inflammation, Oxidative stress
  • Curcumin supplementation shows modulatory influence on functional and morphological features of hippocampus in mice subjected to arsenic trioxide exposure

    Keywords : Arsenic trioxide (As2O3), Hippocampus, Cognition, Oxidative stress, Curcumin
  • A rare cadaveric case of a duplicated internal thoracic artery

    Keywords : Mammary arteries, Subclavian artery, Coronary artery bypass
  • Reunification of a split sciatic nerve

    Keywords : Anatomy, Anatomic variation, Cadaver, Sciatic nerve
  • Anomalous peritoneal band connecting greater omentum to the ascending colon: a possible cause for dilation of ascending colon

    Keywords : Peritoneum, Digestive system, Ascending colon, Peritoneum, Omentum
  • In vivo magnetic resonance imaging morphometry of the patella bone in South Indian population

    Keywords :
  • Geometric morphometric analysis of malocclusion on lateral cephalograms in Malaysian population

    Keywords :