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Forthcoming Articles

  • Discovery of a trans-sellar vascular supply for the pituitary gland

    Keywords : Anatomy, Cadaver, Sphenoid bone, Blood supply, Pituitary gland
  • The function of the tensor tympani muscle: a comprehensive review of the literature

    Keywords : Ear, Sound, Hearing, Muscles, Anatomy
  • Combination of alpha lipoic acid and metformin supplement improve assisted reproductive technologies outcomes in polycystic ovary syndrome patients

    Keywords : Polycystic ovary syndrome, Alpha-lipoic acid, Metformin, Assisted reproductive techniques, Ovulation induction
  • A study on the effect of JNJ-10397049 on proliferation and differentiation of neural precursor cells

    Keywords : Orexins, Orexin receptors, JNJ 10397049, Oligodendroglia, Neural stem cells
  • Anatomical classification of middle rectal arteries regarding detailed vasculature patterns

    Keywords : Middle rectal artery, Pelvic vasculature, Rectal surgery, Total mesorectal excision, Vascular origin
  • Duplication of the ovarian vein: comprehensive review and case illustration

    Keywords : Anatomy, Anatomical variations, Imaging, Vessels, Retroperitoneum
  • Patterns of superficial veins in the cubital fossa and its clinical implications among southern Ethiopian population

    Keywords : Cubital fossa, Venipuncture, Superficial veins, Patterns
  • Three ipsilateral paracondylar processes with other skull base variations: case report

    Keywords : Skull base, Surgery, Anatomy, Variation, Hypoglossal canal
  • Antimicrobial peptide nisin induces spherical distribution of macropinocytosis-like cytokeratin 5 and cytokeratin 17 following immediate derangement of the cell membrane

    Keywords : Aging, Nisin, Pinocytosis, Keratin-5, Keratin-17