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Forthcoming Articles

  • Histological observations of age-related changes in the epiglottis associated with decreased deglutition function in older adults

    Keywords : Older adults, Epiglottis, Oxytalan fiber, Oral intake, Muscular disorders, atrophic
  • Anthropological report of arctic people’s mummy found at a medieval grave of West Siberia

    Keywords : Arctic region, Radiography, Mummies, Siberia, Anatomy
  • Forensic age-at-death estimation using the sternal junction in Thai adults: an autopsy study

    Keywords : Age estimation, Sternum, Fusion of bones, Forensic anthropology
  • An anatomical investigation of the suboccipital- and inferior suboccipital triangles

    Keywords : Cervical vertebrae, Inferior suboccipital triangle, Obliquus capitis inferior, Suboccipital triangle, Vertebral artery
  • The notch of the mandible: what do different fields call it?

    Keywords : Terminology, Facial artery, Mandible, Gonion, Masseter
  • Anatomical knowledge of zygomatico-buccal plexus in a cadaveric study

    Keywords : Buccal branch, Zygomatico-buccal plexus, Facial rejuvenation
  • A cadaveric study of arteriovenous trigone of heart: the triangle of Brocq and Mouchet

    Keywords : Left coronary artery, Heart, Arteriovenous, Anatomy
  • Anatomical study of divergences in facial artery endings

    Keywords : Humans, Arteries, Angiography, Face, Head
  • An unusual arrangement between the highest denticulate ligament and posterior inferior cerebellar artery

    Keywords : Artery, Posterior cranial fossa, Ligament, Vertebral artery, Aneurysms
  • First extensor compartment morphology and clinical significance: a cadaver series study

    Keywords : de Quervain's disease, First extensor compartment anatomy, Abductor pollicis longus
  • The laryngopharyngeal nerve: a comprehensive review

    Keywords : Review, Laryngopharynx, Peripheral nerves, Anatomy
  • Safflower seed oil, a rich source of linoleic acid, stimulates hypothalamic neurogenesis in vivo

    Keywords : Safflower seed oil, Linoleic acid, Neurogenesis, Hypothalamus
  • Professor Carl Ernst Emil Hoffmann (1827–1877). Majesty of Anatomy and Anatomical Pathology

    Keywords :
  • Pectorobrachioepicondylaris musculoaponeurotic band: case description with evidence of median nerve compression

    Keywords : Anatomy, Muscle, Variations, Arm, Upper limb
  • Degenerated lumbricals in the feet of adult human cadavers: case series

    Keywords : Lumbrical muscle, Foot, Degeneration, Lateral plantar nerve
  • Tree of life: endothelial cell in norm and disease, the good guy is a partner in crime!

    Keywords : Endothelium; Endothelial cells; Regeneration; Homeostasis; Nitric oxide
  • The sphenopalatine vein: anatomical study of a rarely described structure

    Keywords : Arteries, Cadaver, Veins, Anatomy, Nose
  • Morphometry of the patellar tendon using a simple tracing method: a gold standard for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

    Keywords : Patellar ligament, Knee injuries, Autografts, Tendons, Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • Novel anatomical proposal for botulinum neurotoxin injection targeting depressor anguli oris for treating drooping mouth corner

    Keywords : Botulinum toxins, Depressor anguli oris, Drooping mouth corner, Dermotoxin, Anatomy
  • Novel anatomical guidelines for botulinum neurotoxin injection in the mentalis muscle: a review

    Keywords : Botulinum neurotoxin, Facial wrinkle, Mentalis muscle, Cobblestone chin, Injection point
  • Development and growth of the human fetal sacroiliac joint revisited: a comparison with the temporomandibular joint

    Keywords : Sacroiliac joint, Temporomandibular joint, Cartilage, Ossification, Human fetus
  • Co-administration of alcohol and combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) in male Sprague Dawley rats: A study on testicular morphology, oxidative and cytokines perturbations

    Keywords : Alcohol abuse, Antiretroviral therapy, Testicular dysfunction, Oxidative stress, Inflammatory cytokines
  • Accuracy verification of dental cone-beam computed tomography of mandibular incisor root canals and assessment of its morphology and aging-related changes

    Keywords : Aging, Cone-beam computed tomography, Incisors, X-ray microtomography, Accuracy verification
  • Study of frontal and ethmoid sinus of sinonasal complex along with olfactory fossa: anatomical considerations for endoscopic sinus surgery

    Keywords : Cribriform plate, Frontal sinus, Ethmoid sinus, Paranasal sinuses, Nasal cavity, Ethmoid bone
  • Noradrenergic axons hitch hiking along the human abducens nerve

    Keywords : Anatomy, Dissection, Nervous system, Sympathetic nervous system
  • Immunostaining patterns reveal potential morphogenetic role of Toll-like receptors 4 and 7 in the development of mouse respiratory system, liver and pancreas

    Keywords : Toll-like receptor 4, Toll-like receptor 7, Respiratory system, Liver, Pancreas
  • Stature estimation using the sacrum in a Thai population

    Keywords : Forensic anthropology, Stature estimation, Sacrum, Thai population
  • A portal quadrad with triple hepatic arteries

    Keywords : Dissection, Liver, Arteries, Cadaver
  • The first report of the buckled thyroid cartilage in a human cadaver

    Keywords : Thyroid cartilage; Anatomy; Cadaver; Larynx